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I used to be a Math/Science tutor, providing enrichment and tutorial programs since 2002. Life was good to me as the business had been good and teaching was something that I could do quite easily.

Things changed in 2005 and after, when I was given the opportunity to be part of my students’ learning journey into their secondary schools till the day when their ‘O’ levels examination ends. Also being their mentor in their polytechnics in the subsequent years, I realise that their past good academic results or stellar CCA performance are no longer adequate to help them to handle their post-secondary challenges.

Starting from 2005, I began to try out different platforms and mediums to help students to enjoy learning and to provide opportunities for them to equip themselves with essential learning attitudes and behaviors, thinking skills and competencies.

I started to talk to experts from other fields, including early childhood, higher learning institutions, people who hold high positions in private and corporate organization, in arenas of psychology, humanities, money management, ICT etc and learn to see things from their perspectives.

I tried my hands on things that I would not have dreamt myself to do in the past: I started to write and publish books, to design and produce table-top games, to be the producer of animations and videos, to integrate technologies into curriculums, to spearhead island-wide community events and so on, as long as they are able to bring another dimension to engage children in their learning. I can’t help but to count my blessings and being grateful for the awards given to me and my teams in some of these projects, locally and internationally.

As of now, I hope to continue to help children to derive joy from learning and to support their caregivers so that these young children become a lifelong and self-directed learner, do what they live to do and make valuable contribution to the community, not because they are told, but because they want to.


— Li Fong (aka Teacher Lifong)

Love for my country

World is becoming borderless. I would imagine children chasing their rainbows and pots of gold in different parts of the world.

I’m wishing they love and stay rooted in their country while reaching for the sky. But where could I find the appropriate resources for children on Singapore’s nation building?

Hence, I started to produce my projects – SingaPlorers – The Nation Builders, The Nation Building Animation by Lawrence Koh Choon Teck and MUSE.

Love for kids

In their futures where things change quickly, the kids would have to be creative problem solvers since young to handle the challenges that they may face instead of simply focus in achieving stellar academic scores.

After I have completed the projects for Nation Building Animation and SingaPlorers, I asked myself, “How about young children? How do they learn and connect to the real world wisely and creatively?”

I moved on to work on Learning Math With Albert and The Little Red Farm.

Love for Diversity

The world is becoming more diverse, hence embracing diversity will be an at-all-time important guiding principle. I always believe only when we see similarities beyond differences, there will then be harmony in its true essence.

This is the reason why I designed Little Explorers and CEI Investigators.

Love for life

With ever-evolving technologies, we will have more time for ourselves and other important things or people in our lives. Instead of chasing blindly after numbers, the kids would eventually need to have strong self-awareness and management, social skills for effective collaborations as well as resources management skills to sustain the lifestyle of their choice.

With the above in mind, I started my collaboration with different partners in Stellar Chef Jr, Stellar Towkays, Money Champ and Leverage.

My Dreams

I embrace diversity, the term that is often chanced upon in our primary science curriculum. Knowing diversity is not enough. Respecting diversity is not enough. Understanding everyone is unique and appreciating each of us can contribute in our own way is not enough. But knowing everyone is unique and collaborates to bring out the best in everyone to make valuable and active contribution is what I am wishing for.

I hope the children can enjoy what they are doing with strong positive relationships with their caregivers, deliver what they are good in and evolve during the process. Along the way, they appreciate others around them and pass on the same spirit to them.

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