The Play-Food Academy pioneers innovative approaches integrating research-based learning and engagement models through table-top games.

“How can we develop growth-mindset through board games?”

“How do we facilitate learners to achieve authentic engagement through card games?”

These are some of the questions that we always have in mind and constantly seek creative solutions through table-top games’ exploration in The Play-Food Academy.

Some of the programs that The Play-Food Academy offers include “Learning through Card Games” which is a certified program by People’s Association.

Some of the innovative games and tools include:

  1. SingaPlorers – A collaborative table-top game on Singapore’s nation building

2. Little Explorers – A card game on global and financial literacy

3. Treasures of Singapore – A card game on Singapore’s cultures

The card games are available for sale separately.

For placement of orders, please visit shop@play N Lifong for more details.