Click on the above image for the video of Little Explorers Learning System.

Little Explorers

Click on the above image for the video of Little Explorers Card Game.

Little Explorers Card Game

First card game in Asia on world cultures

Top 6 finalist in The 4th International Educational Games Competition 2016 – Card Game Category

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Little Explorers Learning System

Little Explorers is a Learning System which is equipped with various learning tools including brightly designed “Little Explorers” playing cards, a passport, maps as well as essential information cards to replicate the experience of travelling. It is without a doubt that a child’s curiosity to learn will increase.


“The lesson is very fun. I learn a lot about other cultures.” — a 11-year old participant after attending LE workshop

“I wish a longer game session. I hope this can go on.” — a 9-year old participant after attending LE game session

“Little Explorers card game is not only an innovative product but also an effective learning tool that supports parents and educators in nurturing cross-cultural and global awareness. The use of simple game play certainly revolutionizes the way we educate our children and how they learn” — Dr William Chan

“Little Explorers encourages children to learn financial literacy and cultural awareness in a fun way through the use of game cards. It also contains interesting stories, which provide details related to culture such as food, costumes and festivals to promote bonding between adults and children. The wide range of follow-up activities promotes creativity, social and emotional competency in children that can be done at any time of the day!” — Mr Mohamad Shaifudin, Lecturer, Child Development and Special Education

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