What is Perfectly Unique Festival 2019?

It is our belief that all children and youth are unique, no matter how diverse their conditions or backgrounds are. So, why not a platform that is organized specially for the ones who are challenged, be it in learning or physically to show their uniqueness and put their strengths where they are valued. This same belief gave rise to the idea of “Perfectly Unique Festival”. The key highlight of this event is a concert performance where these youth showcase their gifts/strengths on stage. 

Why the theme “The Lark – The Gift of Nature”?

What does a lark mean to you? It means happiness to us (have you ever heard of “As happy as a lark”?) . Pursuit of happiness is always a natural inclination for us, both children and adults. We hope that everyone that participates in this event finds some key to their happiness through the event and eventually turns into a messenger of happiness, like a lark. 

The Story that leads to the creation of Perfectly Unique Festival 2019.

This event is organized by The Lark’s Chest Ltd, a newly-formed non-profit organization that aims to create platforms to showcase the strengths/gifts of the children/youth who may be learning or physically challenged.

This event is supported by Our Singapore Fund and powered by National Youth Council.