It is Perfectly fine to be UNIQUE!


Perfectly Unique 18 is a month of events including workshops and talks for children and their parents where they learn different ways to keep themselves mentally and emotionally healthy.

A) Workshops and Talks

1. When Art Touches Hearts

The award winning illustrator cum artist, Mr Lawrence Koh Choon Teck, shared with us how different factors lead him to where he is now during the session.

For more of his work, please visit his official website.


2. Learning through Fractured Fables: The Little Red Farm Series


During this session, we have invited Ms Karen Lee, a professional storyteller, to share with us how she overcomes the challenges when writing and narrating the 5 stories in The Little Red Series and the lessons we can learn from it.

For more of Karen’s work, please visit her website.

We have also invited an experienced early childhood practitioner, Ms Irene Law, to show us how she uses different manipulatives to engage children in their learning.


3. Neuroscience and mindfulness

During this session, Mr Amutha Saravanan (Background in Neuropsychology) and Ms Saravanan Manorkorum (Background in Neurobiology) has shared with us on neuroeducation-based programmes and their relevance for children and parents in today’s world as well as  Dr. Elizabeth Nair on mindfulness and its relevance for parents.

4. D’EinsteinJuniors’Den

Mr Lawrence hosted this session by guiding children how to draw their super heroes and to bring out their uniqueness through these characters. Next, Ms Cyndi Cheong and her team engaged the children through different forms of games to learn ways to establish positive social interactions.

5. How Cards Games Help Us Learn

Mr Shai Yusof, an accomplished educational consultant who teaches the pre-service and service teachers and has also presented in conferences organized by YWCA, PAP Community Foundation and ECDA, guided the participants the different ways how card games help our children learn.

B) A Chest of Uniqueness

In this chest, children and adults have shared with us what they think that had made them truly unique and how this uniqueness has brought them different experiences.

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