“Seeds of Success” Series – Tips from Experts

For the past few years, I have been searching high and low for a children’s formula of success.

I went through courses like “Financial Education for Children”, “Children Development and Play”, “Child Personality and Psychology in Education” and even a Hypnotherapy certification course (Unfortunately, I don’t practise hypnotherapy by profession.). I grabbed all possible opportunities to clarify with the experts of these related fields when they cross my path.

I think some of you may have expected the outcome of my search. Yes, I realised that there is no so-called formula of success. In fact, as what my professor puts across lightheartedly, “Li Fong, if you can develop this formula and know how to pass it on to these children, you will be very rich” LOL.

Nevertheless, my effort in the search was not futile. I come to realise what we are doing is to build these children’s foundation so that they have the personality traits and skills to embrace challenges in order to have a higher chance to succeed and to be happy in their adulthood.

While there are many websites and online resources available to the above topics, I do not encounter many that are related to Singapore and Asia context.

It takes a village to raise a child. Hence, I decide to create a platform “Seeds of Success” series so that the experts can give us some useful  tips/insights for us to share with our children, be it at home or in schools in our context.

When will “Seeds of Success” series be launched? Coming soon!

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