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SingaPlorers - The Nation Builders

The first collaborative card game on Singapore Nation Building

It is currently available for sale in its English version:

  • Board game version (come with game mat and counters)


History of SingaPlorers

SingaPlorers has come a long way!

It started off as A SG50 (2015) and Community Integration Fund (2016) Initiative.

It then became the first card game in Singapore with 4 language editions (English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil). It has achieved Singapore Book of Records – The Most Number of People Playing SingaPlorers at One Location.

It was featured in “Singapore Tonight” on Channel News Asia (CNA), Lianhe Wanbao (联合晚报), SG50 Celebration Fund and Ideas and International events in Melbourne and London.

It is featured in Singapore’s “Upper Secondary Social Science Course Book” in 2019. It is also the proud recipient of NIC Awards 2019 for making exceptional and positive differences towards integration in Singapore.

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Click on the above image for more card information on our Defence challenge.

Click on the above image for more card information on our National Identity and Social Cohesion challenge.

Click on the above image for more card information on our Declining and Ageing Population  challenge.

Click on the above image for more card information on our Limited Resources challenge.

Reviews of SingaPlorers

“Many of us, especially the younger Singaporeans, did not go through our nation’s struggle for independence and that tough period of building a nation from scratch. This card game poses different challenges that tests our responses and resilience in hard situations. It gives us a chance to better understand what Singapore went through, and also makes us more aware of the possible challenges ahead. It’s a fun and interesting way for us to bond as Singaporeans for as we play, our sense of community and pride will also grow. I look forward to SingaPlorers being played in our schools, and by our GROs and partners,” – Ms Low Yen Ling, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) .

” 寓教于乐”乃教育之崇高境界。这一套 SingaPlorers (新加坡探索者)非常巧妙地把国家认同感、社会凝聚力、保家卫国观念、人口萎缩与老化问题和发展的局限性等值得关注的重大课题融合在有趣的游戏中,让参与者认真思索与寻求解决方案,通过集思广益与集体协作,一起面对各种挑战。这是我见过最具国民教育意义的益智游戏。我祈盼年轻国人都有机会通过这个游戏,增进对国家的认识,从而培养关爱家国的精神。” –  蔡志礼博士

“SingaPlorers is designed for ordinary citizens like you and me. Although it addresses big issues like building national identity and facing limited resources, the game will also prove that every one of us, regardless of our age, education level and background, can contribute towards finding solutions to the challenges we face as a community,” – Dr Chua Chee Lay, Senior Adviser, Harry Susilo Institute for Ethics in a Global Economy, School of Management, Boston University, US.

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