About The Art’s Integration Academy

The Art’s Integration Academy (TAIA) is an innovative art faculty of Pro-Active Mind Pte Ltd, which creates innovative programs, curriculum, learning resources and initiatives for young learners and their adult caregivers.

In TAIA, we constantly look for ways to innovate the various art forms to enable our learners start their art exploration more easily, integrate them with other disciplines to create value and refreshing perspectives for our learners and give ideas to inspire our learners to apply and achieve more.

We want our learners experience the Eureka Effect or the Aha! moments, like what we have, during our lessons and become self-directed learners who continue to apply what they learned beyond our lessons in their learning journey.


About TAIA’s Art Forms and Integration

TAIA strives to integrate various art forms with different disciplines including language arts, music, science, mathematics and etc..

Pastel Finger Painting is one of the art forms we offer. Not only we guide the learners to mastery, we show them how they can express and apply it innovatively in areas that are of value to them.

Music and Colours is another integrated artistic expression that we create that put music and art together to give a new perspective of how disciplines can work together to create a bigger value for our learners.

Happy Tinkers is a series of toys and learning resources making-instructions that integrate arts, science and mathematics which children and adult caregivers can explore together in both school and home environments.





About TAIA’s Resident Artist

Jess is an Advanced Trainer with Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA), a Meister with Flower of Crystal Art Academy and a Plaster Master with Korea Seoul Design Craft Association (SDCA). She is also an early childhood practitioner in Music & Movement. She graduated from National University of Singapore with Bachelor of Science (Major in Mathematics). Jess lives in Singapore but travels frequently overseas, e.g. Hong Kong to conduct workshops.

One art form which Jess believes in its benefits firmly is Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA). PNA is an easy way to learn finger painting art using pastel powders. The art form offers great opportunity for sensory activities for both children and adults. Jess has since conducted PNA workshops for learners of various age groups both in Singapore and overseas. Her passion for the art propels her to continuously upgrade herself, learning and exchanging views with artists from other countries, trying out and incorporating what she has learned into her work pieces.

“Let the participant leads, give her the key so that she can eventually create and tell her own story.” – This is the hearth of Jess’ courses and workshops.

View her works at Instagram and Facebook.

Some highlights of her recent works include:

  • Creation of Pastel “The Lark – The Gift of Nature” at the Perfectly Unique Festival 2019, where she is the Advisory Artist of the event.
  • Creation of “The Little Prince” workshops that are highly popular in Hong Kong, where she is invited as a Guest Trainer.
  • Participation at the “Tales of Nagomi” Art Exhibition (Kuala Lumpur) in October 2018 and “Faber Castell Art Festival 2019 (Singapore)” in June 2019 where she is a participating artist.


About TAIA’s Art-Scient-ist

Li Fong founded Pro-Active Mind (PVM). She loves to learn from talents of different arena through meaningful collaboration and experiments how the tools of different disciplines work together to achieve the intentional outcome in her projects.

With her collaborative and innovative spirits, she has produced various award-winning work of different intentionality. Some of the awards that her work has earned include:

  • NIC Awards 2019, Singapore for making a positive and exceptional difference towards Integration,
  • Certificate of Recognition from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots (USA) in 2018 for its effort on behalf of the people, animals and the environment ,
  • one of the top 6 finalists in The 4th International Education Games Competition – Card Game Category, which is part of European Conference for Game-Based Learning 2016 and
  • The Best Animation Award in Delhi Shorts International Film Festival 2015 (India).