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Treasures of Singapore is created by Lawrence and I, who are self-proclaimed Singapore cultural ambassadors. We are always proud of what Singapore has. For example, the delicious food we have and our Changi Airport. And, we are seriously not shy about these treasures we have.

Treasures of Singapore is not the first project about Singapore that we have worked on together. Our first one is The Nation Building Animation that we have produced together, supported by The SG50 Celebration Fund. Coincidentally, it won the Best Animation Award in The Delhi Shorts International Film Festival 2015.

You see, most of us Singaporeans are unusually humble and do not go out in a loud and obnoxious way to show how proud we are of Singapore.

When Singapore is in the news, playing its part in world peace, we may just put up with the inconvenience of the roadblocks silently due to the summit security to show our support.

When different parts of the world express their awe of our Changi airport, we may just click a “Like” button though we are extremely proud of it.

Perhaps not even our children know how much love we have for our country, Singapore.

Treasures of Singapore is very important for both Lawrence and I as we really want our younger generations to know Singapore has a lot of treasures within, some of them we might have been taking for granted until we are far and away from our homes.

Hence we have decided to work together, again, to develop a playing card set with illustrations of Singapore culture. These playing cards can serve as a tool for us to tell our children more about Singapore and how hard it was for Singapore to achieve what it has today. It can also serve as a gift for our overseas friends who have visited Singapore or would like to know more about Singapore.

Games that we can play with Treasures of Singapore

Crazy 8


Happy Families


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