The word “JOBS” in this project does not mean “job”. Rather it takes the pun from the name of Steve JOBS.

To most, Steve JOBS is an icon of success. But we see the JOBS factor as something in oneself that leads to his/her career success, which in our view it could vary since everyone is unique. And it is unlikely that there is one JOBS factor that fits all in determining their future career successes.

“What is your JOBS factor?” This is what this project intends to explore and hope to share a different perspective with the parents, educators and children for their thoughts in this “u got a JOBS?” initiative.


A. Workshops and Talks

We have conducted 1 workshop on June 9, 2018 and 2 talk sessions on June 16 and 30, 2018.

B. Videos

We have also invited Mr Josef Lee, Mr Patrick Yee, Mrs May Schooling and Dr Chua Chee Lay to share with us some of the insights on how values/traits, interest/talents and learning/education shape our paths to success based on their personal experiences.



C. Social Learning Group

We have started a social learning module in our “u got a JOBS FB group. If there is any topic above that you are keen to explore with us, join us!

See you there!

“u got a JOBS?” is a project supported by LearnSG Seed Fund – Every Day, A Learning Day.